Best urban areas to visit close to Barcelona - with courses and agendas
Best urban areas to visit close to Barcelona - with courses and agendas

Best urban areas to visit close to Barcelona – with courses and agendas

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So your Barcelona visit has been totally astonishing up to this point; you’ve been partaking in your time losing all sense of direction in the rear entryways of the notable Barri Gòtic locale, walking around the meaningful road of La Rambla, and shopping at the Boqueria market on top of other educational exercises.

However, presently you’ve heard stories of different spots of interest encompassing the Catalan capital and the inclination of seeing what all the fight is about is beginning to get the better of you. Should, isn’t that so? Whenever else will you have the chance to do some investigating under the Iberian sun?

All things considered, here are the absolute greatest roadtrips you can take from Barcelona.

Barcelona — Andorra

Andorra is a delightful small territory settled in a lovely Pyrenees valley among France and Spain. A roadtrip to Andorra is just not to be missed in the event that you’re visiting Barcelona for various valid justifications.

Among others, Andorra is referred to as a shopping heaven as it has the most reduced charge rate in Europe, meaning you can’t stand to miss the Andorran shopping experience while visiting Barcelona. Aroma, style and gadgets brands line up side by side in this obligation let loose retail plaza high in the Pyrenees mountains.

To other people, Andorra is inseparable from skiing, climbing, and even balneotherapy (a strategy for treating sickness with showers) normally rehearsed in spas and bathhouses. For sure, Andorra is among Europe’s top objections for winter exercises and unwinding; a genuinely magnificent spot to reconnect with nature through its pleasant valleys, glades, and woods.

Getting to Andorra

  • You can take the transport from Barcelona station to Andorra. The ride will require something like three hours to finish with tickets beginning from 16 euros (S$23).
  • A transport to Andorra is likewise withdrawing from Barcelona El Prat Airport Terminal 2. It requires four hours to arrive at Andorra with tickets beginning from 37 euros.
  • Heading to Andorra is likewise a well known choice. Rideshares are likewise a typical strategy.

Barcelona — Girona — Costa Brava

Travel upper east from Barcelona and you’ll show up at the city of Girona, from where you can proceed with your roadtrip to Costa Brava. Roadtrips to Girona and Costa Brava are the absolute most famous and overhauled courses for guests to Barcelona.


A specific aristocratic by the name of Arya Stark once wound up wandering the roads of Girona asking for spare change. Indeed, basically that is what you will definitely hear since Girona was one of the areas utilized in the shooting of the famous Game of Thrones series.

However, regardless of whether you hate the show, it’s not difficult to fall head over heels for Girona because of its middle age flows, particularly remarkable while walking around the little roads of the old town.

Head further east from Girona, you’ll most likely be captivated by the memorable Castell de Tossa de Mar, a waterfront walled nook built to repulse privateers, pirates, and other offensive people. Castell de Tossa de Mar dates from the twelfth hundred years and presents a progression of pinnacles from where one might take in the stupendous perspectives on the ocean.

Getting to Girona

  • Rapid train line from Barcelona to Girona is accessible. Tickets start at 16 euros for the 40-minute excursion.
  • Assuming you like to head to Girona, it’ll take you around 80 minutes.

Costa Brava

About 32 kilometers east of Girona, the Costa Brava — the “Wild Coast” — extends for 160 kilometers.

Costa Brava gained its namesake maybe because of the presence of rough bluffs, pine woodlands, and sandy bay. However past its unpleasant exterior, leaflet commendable sea shores are additionally present with their turquoise waters arranging a credible Mediterranean scene.

Getting to Costa Brava

  • From Girona, drive or take the transport to Costa Brava. Tickets start from five euros.
  • The excursion requires around 50 minutes.

Barcelona — Montserrat — Sitges

Another famous Barcelona roadtrip you can take is the Montserrat and Sitges course. This roadtrip includes a visit to a grave nunnery in the mountains and sea shores fixed with palm trees.


While the Montserrat mountain range is out and out stunning, the fundamental justification for why individuals find visiting Montserrat incredibly charming is without a doubt the mysterious Benedictine Abbey lodging a sculpture of the Black Madonna (Black Virgin).

The sculpture, to whom supernatural occurrences have apparently been credited, is said to have been cut in Jerusalem by Saint Luke himself. This delivers the monastery a position of strict significance with followers routinely focusing on a visit to Montserrat over Barcelona.

As referenced, aside from the monastery guests to Montserrat can likewise do a climbing and take the streetcar to the most noteworthy place of Montserrat where stunning perspectives anticipate.

Getting to Montserrat

  • You can arrive at Montserrat from Barcelona through train which requires about 60 minutes. Tickets start from five euros.
  • Driving or taking a taxi is another choice. A taxi ride to Montserrat normally requires 30 minutes and will cost you about 85 euros.


After your cloister visit, the retreat town of Sitges would act as the ideal end for your Barcelona roadtrip. Initially an interesting fishing town, Sitges is presently popular for being a vacation spot for gatherings of companions, couples and furthermore families hoping to have some good times through its tomfoolery summer festival and energetic nightlife.

For those searching for a more slow speed, Sitges likewise has a beguiling old town, a scrumptious gastronomic encounter and, obviously, magnificent sea shores fixed with palm trees.

Assuming you’re visiting in October, you can go to the film celebration highlighting for the most part dream and thrillers.

Getting to Sitges

  • From Montserrat station, you can take the train followed by transport. The excursion requires around two hours to finish and will cost you somewhere near 10 euros.
  • We suggest driving or taking a taxi ride on the off chance that there isn’t a moment to spare. Taking a taxi costs roughly 90 euros yet will just take you around 45 minutes.

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