Places to visit in Singapore
Places to visit in Singapore

Places to visit in Singapore

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From hawker centre to coffee shop, here are some places you can visit in Singapore for a taste of authentic local culture.

1). National Gallery Of Singapore

The national art gallery has many important public works that have had an influence on the world including oil paintings by Renzo Piano, which depicts a woman with red hair; and The Rookwood House, which is made from corrugated iron and decorated with a golden roof.

2). Temanah Market

The market is huge at night and there is no better way to spend your evenings than at one place. At night, people just want something to take their eyes off the city lights. You will find so many people lined up outside the traditional stalls because they have got good deals to get what you need. It offers everything from fresh vegetables to snacks like sweet and sour pork ribs for $4.50. This is also where you can pick out some good bargains if you like Chinese food.

3). Bukit Timah Nature Reserve

Bukit Timah Nature Reserve is home to a lot of interesting spots that offer different views of nature from different angles. For example you can look for pangolins sleeping in the hollow tree branches or watch how penguins sleep on the beach as it waves. And the garden itself can be enjoyed by walkers and cyclists. During hot days, you can also try walking along the path of the sea or go inside the flowery bamboo forest. There are lots of things to do in this place such as water sports, horseback riding etc.

4.) Hong Kong Zoo

What could you ask more than to explore all your animal friends? You can always visit Hong Kong Zoo to enjoy these animals and even meet lions, elephants, tigers in its environment.

5). Orchard Road Gardens

This beautiful park overlooks Jalan Sungai Besar with plenty of green space to admire and relax, plus being surrounded by greenery means you are sure to not get tired after visiting the park.

6) Marina Bay Sands

This beautiful resort area has lovely green trees covered in blossoms and nice surroundings to sit back and enjoy the sunset view. Here too you can enjoy having breakfast in the restaurant or shopping in the large shopping centre or dine at the hotel rooms. Also, you can enjoy lunch and dinner at the poolside restaurants while you relax. Just make sure to book beforehand so that you don’t miss any chance to be entertained.

7). Victoria Harbour Bridge

This bridge is situated where the waters converge into this busy commercial spot which has seen several tragic accidents over the years.

8) Pulau Indah

This small island is famous for fishing and other marine activities that are popular among tourists. Apart from watching dolphins, fish and crabs come closer and you can find out why it was called the ‘world’s most dangerous place to swim’. Enjoy the fresh seafood and feel a little bit isolated. This is also the best time to experience local attractions like Stonehenge, Southend Port Museum and Jurong Bird Park.

9) Wooded Garden

This park is definitely a must-do for those who love sitting around the lake and looking for a quiet spot to watch the birds fly overhead. This garden contains lots of natural areas and has been created by renowned architect Frank Gehry, who worked in New York City before coming back to South Africa. And although this place may seem small, it has amazing views of Lake District.

10) Chiang Mai Opera Centre

Chiang Mai Opera Centre was started by the legendary composer Khondodi U, where he served as conductor and music director. It is now one of the largest opera houses in Thailand with a seating capacity in excess of 700,000 people. Aside from singing songs, they have also performed some great concerts and shows such as War and Peace: Music & Lyrics and One True Love.

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